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It has long had its' day. Wrenn were a downgrade from Hornby Dublo, in that there was no advance on H-D; modelling standards and mechanisms in fact retreated from H-D's standards. It is a shame that the Meccano empire was mismanaged, and the UK lost H-D. Had they survived then the UK might have had a Marklin or Fleischmann to fly the flag for a quality choice in RTR through the sixties and seventies.

But now we have decent quality UK RTR models, Wrenn and H-D is strictly a 'might have been' nostalgia trip for those who enjoy that. Nothing wrong with this, but given the choice between the best H-D or Wrenn item and its' modern equivalent, I would take the modern product every time. Take the H-D 8F or 4MTT, by general consent two of the best locos in the range: compare to the current Hornby and Bachmann equivalents. Good quality toys of the time, versus reasonable (Hornby 8F) and fine (Bachmann 4MTT) models. No contest if modelling is the interest.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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