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To the consternation of collectors- or their secret pleasure, as I'm increasing the value of their collections, I run Wrenn locos every day. The 2-6-4T will pull 12 coaches up 1 in 66, and the problem is the first coach on the curve at the top, not the loco's adhesion! I've just sourced a donor chassis for this as the motion seized & burned out the motor on the original after 40 years...I've a Barnstaple which is also 40 now and still running fine. R1s shunt about too. They are great working models, nothing to fall off and with a little bit of work to make them individual well worth their place on the roster. When pals call, out comes the finescale, and back comes the slipping, that loco can only take 3 up and not if they're Bachmann Mk 1s...etc etc but for me, I'm happy to run the old locos- correct for the era, too, most of them were designed in the late fifties, so the model is truly following the prototype!
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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