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Does any other manufacturer provide a motor upgrade for older designs?

That is the only way to prove a demand.

Its going to cost (for arguments sake) £15 for a replacement motor and £10 for a chip. Thats £25 to upgrade a £35 secondhand loco. And even then the pick up is still going to be substandard as more wheels have power pick up on recent models.

All things considered does this make sense?

What about those who own locomotives with 3 pole ringfield motors. How many of these models are upgraded to 5 pole? Probably not many if any and Hornby will already know this from sales of motors.

Better to buy new rather than mess about. Am I right or wrong?

The small band of collectors who seriously want to upgrade their old locomotives to DCC will adapt and come up with their own solutions.

Happy modelling
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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