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The X04 motor can actually work very well on DCC:

The only thing needed install wise is to isolate the second brush as already described - but there is a very effective "Tuning" you can do. (there's no meed to isolate the whole motor - just the brush holders, and a 1cm bit of heatshrink or wire insulation will fix that)

First, strip the motor brushes out and clean the motor thoroughtly - I actually use dishwashing liquid and a soft brush and really scrub is / clean it thoroughly - I do the same with any ond chassis after its been sripped, as years of grime build up and help nothing if left in place.

Rinse thoroughtly after cleaning and air-fry with a fan heater or hair dryer.

soak the brushes in strong detergent, meths, acetone or similar for a couple of hours to try and get rid of any oil in them - they are often contaminated by careless oiling. Rinse thoroughly and dry properly - an hour or more in front of a fan heater = thorough!

Then: Reassemble the motor.

attach 2 DC leads from a power pack to the brushes and Using some 1000 to 1200 grit wet and dry paper glued to a bit of 10 thou styrene or tin stripwood, gently polish the commutator until it shines like a mirror.

Do NOT use any cqarser wet and dry... we are gently trueing it to be perfectly round and polishing off the imperfections left there at manufacture, not turning it down!!

clean the conmutator slots with a sharpened wooden toothpick and then lubricate the motor sparingly.

Reassemble loco with only a tiny bit of lubrucation on all bearings and gears.

Install the decoder: I find the TCS T-1 very tough and its silent drive and reasonable cost - works really well with Hornby X04 especially now it has a really excellent Back EMF added (from last month).

The ONLY hard to do older loco's are the Dublo/Wrenn with the motor as part of the chassis - these require the second bruch holder to be removed and replaced with a plastic not brass sleeve - after that, they run beautifully on DCC but its NOT an easy job without the right tools.

As for any loco's with the Xo4 - go for it, they'll be better on DCC than the rather poor performing much later tender drive!!


QUOTE (HORNEBEE_DUBLO @ 26 Jul 2007, 01:35) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>You may recall that Hornby fitted Johnson 111 motors to the older diecast 0-4-0 chassis, (in place of an XO4 motor) using such an adaptor plate in the 1970s. The XO4 alternative was the X842. Another version known as the X908 with a different worm wheel with fewer teeth was also used on these chassis. The current Hornby 0-4-0 chassis is still the one designed to take the Johnson 111 motor (known as X908). As this motor is no longer produced a shorter Mabuchi motor is used with a spacer. This is also used on older Scalextric cars.

I am wondering if the Johnson 111 adaptor plate for the older 0-4-0s was used in conjunction with the spacer, could the Mabuchi motor be used to replace the X03/4?
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