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QUOTE (homeofoo @ 2 Apr 2006, 12:39) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Hi! An update on older locos on DCC.Having had a chat with Simon Kohler at Hornby's stand at the Ally Pally,it is doubtfull if their DCC chips will be suitable for Hornby Dublo/Wrenn locos as they are rated for 1amp with a peak of 1.5amps.If you want to DCC these locos you would require a chip rated at 1.5amps to 2amps to be safe,and then the magnets will have to be good.I also suggested that Hornby produce a 5pole version of the XO3/4 fitted to the Triang and earlier Hornby locos,he is not convinced that the demand would be enough to cover the high cost of production,so I suggest that any of you out there who agrees with me,write to Hornby and let them know what the demand may be.

I think this sums up one of the problems with Hornby. The X03/4 motors were the most widespread motors available for 20+ years; they were rugged, robust, widely available, cheap and thousands are still running today. Yet because Hornby have moved on - they're no longer interested - try finding an older assembly diagram on their site!

I see from another post that Bachmann themselves responded, perhaps Mr Kohler could do likewise on here to explain his position ( and their prices?)!
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