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Olivia's Trains Question

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What is others experience in returning unwanted incorrect purchases which have been refused delivery to DHL the Courier as per issuer's instructions in obtaining a purchasing credit to repurchase correct items? First purchased on the 8th of June and refused delivery one week later.
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Being in Australia I'm unaware of the regulations regarding returns and obligations in the UK.
It was a mistake on there part for even though I selected a different item to the one that was shipped.
They have told me the goods are with DHL but DHL want to charge them freight so they are in dispute with the courier for over a month now ...
The UK's distance selling regulations are very simple. If the vendor has made an error, they are responsible for all the costs arising in making a correction. If this is the situation, claiming a dispute with DHL is irrelevant to Olivia's duty toward you their customer. They should create the credit for you immediately, and carry on squabbling with DHL in their own time.

By happy chance another Australian just gave a report of the way it should work:
... Hattons, they're really good with this sort of thing. I'm in Australia and have returned faulty loco's at no expense to myself. I had to pay up front of course, but was reimbursed and not charged for the return postage.
Hit Olivias with this stick: your competitor performs in accordance with the distance selling regulations, what's your problem?
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1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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