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Olivia's Trains Question

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What is others experience in returning unwanted incorrect purchases which have been refused delivery to DHL the Courier as per issuer's instructions in obtaining a purchasing credit to repurchase correct items? First purchased on the 8th of June and refused delivery one week later.
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I would agree with 6991 above, the problem is not with DHL, it is with Olivias trains. I have never had a problem with DHL either in the UK or in Greece.
I am really, really lucky in that I was close to ordering something from Olivias when an acquaintance showed me what he’d received from them, it was bloody awful.
Since then, I have very rarely heard good stories about this particular retailer and I would never recommend them to anyone.
Sorry to relate this tale, I hope you can pursue things as Babs says, through your credit card company and let them chase Olivias.
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