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Olivia's Trains Question

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What is others experience in returning unwanted incorrect purchases which have been refused delivery to DHL the Courier as per issuer's instructions in obtaining a purchasing credit to repurchase correct items? First purchased on the 8th of June and refused delivery one week later.
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Hi Good Morning I am perplexed by your Post.
Have you bought something from Olivias Trains online. Have Olivia's Trains Tried to deliver to you with DHL.
If so the Online selling regulations come to mind.
If you Ordered the wrong item Then it is your fault.
If They sent the wrong item that you paid for it is there problem and are obliged by law under the distance selling regulations to put it right including postage/ Courier.
Even if you paid the postage/ Courier it is Olivia's Trains Contract. Olovia's Trains has to provide you with a Return label
Thank you Babs.
Being in Australia I'm unaware of the regulations regarding returns and obligations in the UK.
It was a mistake on there part for even though I selected a different item to the one that was shipped.
They have told me the goods are with DHL but DHL want to charge them freight so they are in dispute with the courier for over a month now and are not responding to my request to create the credit. I have a build project I'm trying to complete and want to use the credit towards items I need but cannot proceed due to the fact I'm just in this not ending waiting game.
Babz. Olivia's use them to there and my misfortune. I wish more companies would just use the postal service. Appreciate your understanding. Pete
Hi Everyone who has been so kind!
I have from your advise late last week sent multiple request politely explaining my rights under uk law and asking for even a credit over a refund with no success. If anyone has the details of the reporting authority to contact that would be wonderful.
Kind Regard. Peter from Australia
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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