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Olivia's Trains Question

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What is others experience in returning unwanted incorrect purchases which have been refused delivery to DHL the Courier as per issuer's instructions in obtaining a purchasing credit to repurchase correct items? First purchased on the 8th of June and refused delivery one week later.
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I don't really understand any of this. Many German online sellers also use DHL. It seems that DHL just need to get it to the point of departure in the home country. When it arrives in Australia, DHL use AustraliaPost as their delivery medium, this can take time. When I order and track it, DHL deliver it to the Frankfurt departure point within 2 days of the order being made. That is the end of their involvement, it then involves getting on a flight and when it gets to Australia it is AustraliaPost. (+often involvement from the customs people). So it can be in Australia within a few days but will then take 3+ weeks to be delivered.
Pete, what is this refused delivery? it got here and you refused it? or you got it, unpacked it and found the wrong item? If it's the latter, you may have to pay return delivery to Olivia's Trains, and they will send you the correct item and they will pay postage or whatever to even up the balance. It's not DHL, it's not even AustraliaPost, it's between you and Olivia's so sort it out with a phone call. or whatever...
Please clarify the exact sequence of events. You cannot blackball someone for something simple.
I have had a nerve wracking 4 weeks waiting for something quite expensive (Babz can guess). It got here yesterday without damage, I suspect after 2 weeks or more in Australia already.
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