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On 30 wood caboose kit

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I am about to build one of these 'peel and stick' wood kits (altho' it does say in the instructions I will need wood glue!).
I need to paint it and the primer I will use will be the basic body colour,should I prime all the parts before I build it,and presumably both sides to stop any warping?
The primer is Holts acrylic red-far cheaper and near enough for my model than model paint.
I have'nt built one of these kits yet and the instructions,while great on the build,don't mention much about painting.
Any help appreciated.
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I've never built one myself, but experience with scratchbuilding with wood (Tea sturers and lollypop sticks etc) has me say the only issue I have had is with a wooden curved roof and this is that wood can swell and contract, and when it contracts gaps can occur. Normally for models this is not an issue except when a large area of wood (Like my roof) is concerned. Apart from this, wood is quite an easy material to work with.
I'm not sure how your kit uses wood though. For scratchbuilding I used a wood frame of sorts onto which the body was constructed. Wood bench type seats made in more solid square section wood added stiffness to the structure. While building the framework at first was flexible, but the more that was added to the bodywork, the firmer and stronger the structure became.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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