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On 5696Arethusa's bench

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3 weeks ago I got the Mailcoach LNER Coronation kits, something I've been maening to do for some time so a start has well and truly been made.
The kits are very old being former Ian Kirk kits before he moved on to brass so the quality is not the best but I'll see that the finished train is "toplink"
As wheels, bearings and couplings are not supplied I've cheated on the bogies smewhat and purchased a joblot of Bachmann Thompson bogies off of ebay and used these instead, at least I know these are true so the running is top draw. For the shared bogie the tension lock coupling was cut off and two posts were glued to the top of the bogie to fit inside a hole just inside the end of the coach. Wood Engineering Gas Water Houseplant
At the outer ends of each twin a 40thou piece of plasticard was glued to the top of the bogie and drilled out in the centre to accept the retainer screw.

Because this set is going to be run on layouts that have set track curves the space over the shared bogies is rather large, the method of reducing this gap suggested in the instructions is to make the flexible fairing on the real coaches out of the supplied self adesive foam. This foam is the stuff you used tobe able to buy on rolls to put round your old windows to stop the wind blowing in, I found this to be unacceptable so had to come up withan alternative.
A little head scrathing later and I had the sollution, actually it was while I was trying to get some ZZZZ so that was another nights sleep ruined, still as Bon Jovi put it "I'll sleep when I'm Dead"
The sollution was simplicity itself, I cut two peices of 15thou to the shape of the coach end and cut a slot4/5 of the way up the middle. On the coach ends I glued a strip of 1mm X 3.2mm with a rounded top and onto that I glued a 10mm wide piece of 15thou. You can probably see where this is going. The two pieces of plastic the shape of the coach end were then held 8mm apart and had a 12mm wide piece of an old pair of black tights (supplied by she who must be obeyed) glued around the edges. Then all that is needed is to slip this over the plastic glued to the ends of the coaches and hey presto the gap is gone, whats more this still allows the coaches to be split for ease of handling. Property Wood Gas Hardwood Flooring

New Bachmann coach wheels have also been purchased and a start on painting them has been made and I think these will really set the train off nicely, it's one of those details that won't really be seen but would be missed if it wasn't there. Automotive tire Electronic instrument Wood Rectangle Font

The four twins have all but been finished just need their roofs fitting then it's ready for the paintshop, weather permitting. Musical instrument Gadget Audio equipment Office supplies Font

That's all for now, I'd better get back to them or they'll never get finished.


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Thank for your comment Goedel, I don't know if "fairing" is the right word either but it works for me untill I'm corrected be somebody with greater knowledge.

Time for a quick poll on the colour for the roof. When built they had white roofs but this was discoloured very quickly and although the info I managed to find out has nothing official photo evidence seems to suggest that the roofs were later painted black or very dark grey (Hard to tell from B+W pictures) It seems that most of the models of this train you see have silver roofs. I'm leaning towards the black option at the moment asI think this will carry the livery nicely from the loco onto the coaches, what do you guys think?
The job's been keeping me away from the Coronation this week, however this weekend a little more has been done.
Whilst they may not look much these Wood Flooring Office supplies Rectangle Tape measure
are LNER table lamps I got from 247 Developments and are going in the semi-open first twin.
The other major development is a bit more "modellers licence" The actual Coronation had clipped top round buffers, however the plastic mouldings supplied are rough to say the least so I've made use of the Bachmann accessory range again and gone for a full set of round sprung buffers. I would have clipped the tops of these but with them being sprung on round shafts there's no way of keeping the flat bit at the top so this will do me just fine. Wood Train Bottle Flooring Liquid

Apart from that I've finished painting the wheels (28 axels) and started fitting the roofs, next up will be the masking up of the windows and then, weather permitting it'll be time to paint them.
So as Daffy Duck would say. Th th th that's all folks.


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OK the roofs are all fitted, lamps in place in First Class and new wheelsets fitted. Once again work is about to get in the way so I've got to leave them be for a while. I aim to have the set done so I can take them down to the next running night at my club. Any body in the Melton Mowbray area is welcome to come down and see us, we meet Monday evenings at the Harboro' Hotel with the first Monday of the month being running night.
Train Wheel Vehicle Rolling stock Rolling


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Had a good couple of days to work on the Coronation. The two blues are on and I've gone for white coach roofs, really glad I did because I think they look great.
Train Wood Railway Track Musical instrument
Train Vehicle Rolling stock Railway Mode of transport
Train Transport hub Rolling stock Vehicle Electricity

The coaches in the background are my brothers Silver Jubilee set and their both posed on Mildale.
With a bit of luck I'll get a chance to get the black on the valances tomorrow then it'll be on with the transfers and the lining. I want to hve them done for 06/08/2007 the next running night at the local MRC, a few of the members have been asking how their coming along.


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OK, so the Coronation set has been finished for some time but I've been unable to pose it on Milldale for a photo shoot so as lastnight was running night I've used the Melton club layout (still very much a work in progress) to pose the set on.

That's Shaun in the background, one of the young ones.

I think the table lamps set the First twin off nicely

Now that the Coronation is done it's time to start collecting the kits for a set of LNER Tourist stock and I probably should go back and do some work on Wolf of Badenoch to haul them. Though after last nights runnning session I think I'll get sidetracked by adding an ex-Coronation Third-Kitchen Third to my maroon east coast set for Foxhunter to haul, such is life
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QUOTE (BRITHO @ 9 Oct 2007, 17:17) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>That's a mighty impressive workbench/kitchen table!

The train looks good.


It's got some wire handing around, a platform or two and a scale length train for decoration, what more do you want?
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The Postie came a knocking yesterday and left me this

Nice loco shame about the name (for me that is)
So already having picked out a name I like better and having already purchased the nameplates I set about renaming her today.
On closer inspection I noticed that the smokebox dart was missing so I've replaced it with an Alan Gibbson that I had in stock.

The renumbered loco

And with one of her stable mates
who's also had a name change a familiar number to all of us here

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QUOTE (ben100 @ 18 Jun 2008, 20:20) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Not knowing much about steam locomotives I don't recognise....
Still looks good though

Hi Ben,
The closer of the two is a Peppercorn A1 named Fox Hunter, her running number is 60134, the same as one of the mods on this here forum.

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