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Actually some of them are quite accurate, especially the Brawa ones. In 1911 the KWStE, for example had a total of 11,089 goods wagons, which included 77 beer wagons (don't let anyone tell you beer wagons are not prototypical!) and 87 tank wagons for various different things, water, mineral oil, plant oil. Esslingen also built several '3-barrel' wine wagons of the type pictured. I'm sure the stats for Bayern will be around somewhere, these figures come from 'Schwaebische Eisenbahn - Bilder von der Koeniglich Wuerttembergischen Staatseisenbahn' from the Verlag Gebr. Metz, Tuebingen - ISBN 3-921580-78-1. This book would be great for any KWStE freaks out there.

I am interested in getting some authentic and 'interesting' trains happening occasionally, thus, things like the Trix 'Telegrafen Transport' 24041 (currently in transit) and the Lilliput 'Umkrautbesichtigungszug' (spelling may be wrong!) - weedkilling train, still dreaming of this - do get the imagination.


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