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on track

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hi there,
any reports about on track controls..are they a good unit,up to the standards of gaugemaster..
anybody use these control unit?
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just wondered if anyone has anmy comments about the "on track" controls range of units made by " all components"..
i have one with a handheld unit add on,just wondering if the quality of gaugemaster is so much more to justify the extra price premium?..
Don't know about 'on track' controls but my Gaugemaster hand held feels good in the hand and works great with both very old mechanisms and the new models.
I've got a twin cased 'Ontrack' unit. Chose it mainly because of the 'Centre off' type controls. Seems to work well, but has not been subject to a great deal of use yet.
John Webb
thanks for that..
just wondered because i have had experience with the gaugemasters they are fantastic.
but i have gone for a on track because they are a cost saving and to be honest it seems to be as well built and very very smoooth!
Allcomponents at an exhibition informed me that all their model railway control components, were fitted with higher graded materials than Gaugemasters equivalent controllers.
I have both companies components in use on my layout, and find both are reliable.
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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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