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OO-9 Notes

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So whilst I was in hospital I built an OO-9 model railway on an old door provided by the maintenance guy. I had a decent box load of items as when I worked in Malta back in 2013 I made an OO9 to play with and was working on incorporating this in the main railway to add interest and amusement. I padded it out with a few other items and of course since then I added a little more.

I did need to buy some rail joiners etc and also bought a Peco setback plans for this scale and here I came across the first problem.

The Lynton layout of Parracombe shows this laid in Peco setback radius 1 which is 9 inches and it shows the Heljan 2-6-2t of Manning Wardle fame and I bought one for myself at Christmas being 'Exe' in the 1906 livery, all good stuff. (I live not so far from this river)

However the layout I built had a problem as the 'Exe' would not tackle the Peco R1 as on further attention it says we have to have 12 inch radius, even 12 (305mm) inch is tight for this loco but this also means that the points that are also this radius are barely adequate so you need to use the larger radius electro frog variety rather than the 9 inch radius insulfrog. So Peco got it wrong quite badly, I did send an email to them without reply.

This also means that the area I marked out for the terminal (see pics below) will be too tight and it will not fit the area available, means a big re-think, the original equipment of a small Loco class 99 and some 4 wheel wagons is fine but the L&B locos, bogie coaches and the like just need more space.

Woodside terminal being laid out

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Yup. That looks good.
I wouldn't like to have to push a buggy along that pavement past the bank

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So often scenery starts with an expanse of grass, decorated with some shrubs, with some trees, or industrial arched wall, topped with terraced houses, with some industrial units. Very good they, so often are, too. But here we have every building different and set for it's own purpose, just as those Devon towns were developed over hundreds of years. It could be Bideford, Barnstaple, Totnes, Crediton {Kirton}, Okehampton, Minehead {I know Zummerzet, but uz b'in saame plaaze!}, Topsham {very much so} and so many more. Everywhere something different and so many opportunities for added activities tied into the various places in view. It's a very refreshing and interesting subject with something new wherever you look... can't be bad.

Thanks for the comments guys.

Pic today is the main street going the other way sorry the flash declined but at least again it is in focus.

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QUOTE (kristopher1805 @ 22 Nov 2020, 20:51) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Thanks for the comments guys.

Pic today is the main street going the other way sorry the flash declined but at least again it is in focus.

Ssshhhh!! The evening Sun is getting low.....

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Not being doing much over the winter but now I have been solving the lighting in the narrow gauge room, so our new kitchen has some under unit strip lighting so I purchased something of the same idea, 5 metres long and it has solved the issue, I now have light and am motivated to finish the Porlock layout. In other ways I have done little else and I boxed up one of the Heljan OO9's to send away for repairs but Heljan have no one to send it too!

The other one is the same but I jusrt keep running it so I'll put the boxed one and run it again.

Anyway it is going OK and I have run some trais. needed some track cleaning as well.

Finally I'll get around to some new photos later
well now showing the effect of the strip lighting

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again the back left corner

meanwhile I am determined - well a bit anyway to complete the loco shed, sort of

and a busy seagulls eye view - doubtless looking for a red car to poop on

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The lighting works really well

The engine shed is coming along nicely.

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Nice work Kris
The lighting gives a good even cover
Thanks for the comments so I'll throw in a couple of images

Bachmann Baldwin tows an L&B coach by Peco, good runners both

Roco deisel with a van train heading for Porlock Weir
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I like those shots.

I keep thinking you've a lot of ballasting in your future

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In the pic above you see the Roco diesel shunter towing a few vans, anyway it has recently disgraced itself and locked up, jammed solid, not had the top off to inspect same anyway MMD would not approve so perhaps it will be dumped at the back of the shed.

Meanwhile I had hoped by now the L&B Baldwin 2-4-2tank would have appeared but not so
Perhaps the double Fairlie - er not yet
Or the small 0-4-0t from Bachmann - keep your patience
or in fact any of the expected OO9 locos

With the Manning Wardle Heljans having some fragility I'll be obliged to take another Bachmann Baldwin but at least (so far) they have been good
OK so posting a photo here for the first time as Heljan L&B 2-4-2t Lyn takes to the Porlock rails
so as we can see we are up the hill by the logging area at Hawkcombe

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Well not sure what I have done there so I pressed for the posting to see what I got, sure I'll get it right someday, clearly above is at the main station and company headquarters at Porlock with Lyn in charge of a train headed for Lynton.

In the woods out of Porlock

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It shows that I do not know what I am doing!
Have another go.

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spotted today on ebay is a resin model of Woody Bay station sold by railreality for £29.50 they also make a model of Bratton Fleming at £24.95, sort of part finished in white resin made to part assembled when painted, may have a go with one just not sure about painting it though
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So just to confirm I have purchased an Earl of Merioneth for £199 so looking forward to receiving this and trying it out, supposedly it can cope with 12 inch curves which as the tightest that the Heljans can manage, there are a few on my layout that are a bit tight but they can manage the other locos can cope with 9 inch curves so hopefully no adjustment required.
OK s the double Fairlee has arrived now just got to wait a few days and then we'll be able to test it. It looks really rather small in the Bachmann box
OK so at last I have got back to the Porlock area and the Lynton and Minehead Railway, research shows that just of the royute of the railway there was an iron mine that closed in 1880's but reopened in 1904 so that would be good for the railway traffic, as further along the coast in the Brendon Hills there was an extensive iron mine so I always thought it likely there must be some thing here as why call Minehead well Minehead.

I never finished the loco shed but now the concrete floor is down and I am trying to complete the track with embedding where necessary.

In the meantime there will be a lot of trees to plant many doubtlessly from lapland and I am working on the forestry unit and on top of that there is some more stock including the double Fairlee to get working and a lot of logs have appeared.

So things are progressing at last. Photos to follow.
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