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oddly enough, we have, over the years, bought quite a few Land/Rovers of different types...not too sure if they're Cararama, or one of the more obscure makes.

However, they ARE all quite reasonable models of the Series 3 long wheelbase Landrover.

Whilst the series 3 LAndy has the headlights set in the front wings, this drastic[?] alteration was actually applied to the series 2A around 1967/68. have a choice? If a year or two does not matter, then these will do fine.....slightly alter the look of the grill?

If not, then a swift bit of filing, and a modified grill insert, with grill mounted headlight representations will do.

the rest of the vehicle will pass muster for a series2 or 2A. [leaf sprung chassis, etc]

For a short wheelbase modification, cut and shut behind the front doors [the only doors?], reducing the wheelbase by the appropriate amount..[about 6 mils?]

external fuel fillers can be removed/blanked off, if need be.

or, leave all as is, and park nose-in to a barn?

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QUOTE or, leave all as is, and park nose-in to a barn?
or park them on the side of a busy road (in this case the A4) and remove a major body part once every couple of weeks. Once you're down to the bare chassis, start again with another one.

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