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OO Guage Horse Box/Trailer

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Can anyone tell me if you any of the leading manufacturers have produced any horse box/trailers as part of their Wagons collections.
I'm talking about the sorts of trailers that the GWR used to use to transport horses to stations such as Lambourn and Ascot.
Many thanks for your help in advance.
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If you're talking road vehicles, there was a Matchbox Superfast model made in 1977 by Lesney and that's "No40 - Horse Box". A good model that's the correct scale for OO gauge.

There's also a Marshall Horsebox Mk 7, also by Lesney. That's No 35, but although it's supposed to be 1/75 scale, I would say it's slightly too small, as the scale dimensions if it was OO gauge are 13ft long x 6ft 3" wide x 6ft 6" tall.
I'd say this one is 1/100 scale, so it resides on a farm at the back of my layout.

The Maudsley Horse Box by Dinky is definately O gauge. See May and June 2007 issues of model rail for two interesting articles on detailing of both road and rail horse boxes.
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1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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