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QUOTE (34C @ 13 Apr 2008, 00:29) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>The whitemetal kit parts for the bodywork are not likely to pose insurmountable problems if you already have modelling skills. Patience, cleaning up the parts, and assembly on a flat surface with a set square; and reference to drawings and photographs should bring the job in. But for the powered chassis let me suggest a heretical thought. It is worth researching what is available in RTR form that might match the chassis of the Jones goods and fit entire within the whitemetal body , for the simple reason that even purchasing a whole RTR model to acquire the chassis may be little different in cost than the wheels, motor and gearbox to complete a kit chassis. Surplus parts from the RTR model can be readily sold in my experience (people damage their models just for a start) and that brings the cost down further.

***The Jones goods wheel spacing has no RTR equivalent. Its one of the older DJH kits but I have built the kit and it goes together well enough. Its a bit spartan on detail and some time spent pouring over prototype photo's and adding a little to the kit detail levels will pay dividends.

Possible issues:

The crosshead and piston rod are whitemetal. I cut off the rod and crilled the crosshead to take a harder metal for the rod - I substituted nickel silver wire (you could also use a bit of any stright metal rod - like a bit cut from a paperclip of the right diameter)

The first two of the three driver sets are VERY, VERY close together. Getting the brake blocks in line with wheels with no shorting to the wheels can be tricky.


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