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A oo layout that is loosely based on East Leake Station in South Nottinghamshire, East Locksley is my hypothetical impression of the Great Central Railway's London Extension, if it had continued into the 1970's.
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Small railway tunnel to be added here.

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I do admit that all four of my GCR station buildings are in pre-grouping colours (green & cream) though I like to think that this colour scheme might have revived at some stations at the time.
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I also know that Bachmann produce very good replica of a GCR signal yet I have chosen to semi-convert a default Hornby signal box to a similar appearance. Would it have still been painted cream & maroon beyond the 1960s?

I appreciate that there is more suitably accurate track available out there, yet I prefer to use my existing selection Hornby track to save money etc.

In terms of other things like signalling, track ballast and even station furniture, can anyone please help me create a best impression of a 1970s Great Central Railway?



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