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Ian Wigglesworth
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Well I've done some more, nearly finished.

Just need to design and build the signal box and finish off the scatter around it.

The grass in the front right hand corner is static grass, this has come out really well, makes a nice mess, blowing the fibres everywhere!

The bare board is where the signal box will be postioned!

This could easily have turned out to a depot or industrial scene, Instead of using the bridges I could have made the warehouse as a low profile side and used the openings for the locos to go through.....mmmm that gives me an idea for the other side of the OO layout, but it will be a raised OO industrial scene.

Not too happy with the background, the angle is quite pronounced and looking at it like this makes it look really bad!!
I will know for next time to make the backscene with smooth curves and not angles, will also try and get it into position and then glue the photo scene on.
It looked much better than this before it dried! Still when it's on the layout in position it should be ok.

Ploughed field, using earth scatter, then running a fork over into to create the furrows, then spray with watered down PVA once dry should hold the position.

Overall for my first project and trying at scenery I'm really pleased and I've learnt loads!!

21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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