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QUOTE (Going Loco @ 30 May 2007, 19:00) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I want to build a layout and have a space available of 9.5ft by 7.5ft in my shed (10ft by 8ft but had it lined and insulated). I like both OO and N gauge and have collected a few locos and sets in both gauges. My dilemma is that I cannot decide between OO and N for the layout and would like some advice. I have a track plan for both scales (or gauges) and would like to ultimately go for DCC operation. I like the N option as it gives the ability to run reasonably long trains, but I prefer the detail of OO locos. I am mainly interested in GWR Steam but I also like some of the diesels that are being made.
Hello Going Loco,

I suppose that it depends on what sort of a modeller you are. If detail is very important then go for OO as British N probably doesn't have such sufficient detail but if you are more interested in having a complete layout with sweeping scenery and countryside/hills etc. then N would be the way to go, with as you say prototypical length trains and the real feeling of an entire railway network transporting stuff from A to B. Some people have a layout just to be a showcase for their wonderful repaints and detailing efforts and are better off in OO. That said the area you have should be fine for an extensive OO layout too - how big is your imagination?

Regarding DCC, it's a pain to try and fit decoders to older N gauge stock because there is little space and the horrible live chassis style used but can be done if you have enough (too much?) patience. I think OO is closer to that golden ideal of plug and play, although it certainly isn't there yet...

Incidentally people seem to occasionally give up N because of their "poor eyesight" (at least according to eBay descriptions) but I would have thought - "just wear some glasses you buffoon!" was a good solution, however if you feel your eyes are about to fall out then OO it should be...

As a European N modeller I can enjoy OO detail at 1:160 scale which is the best of both worlds, arbeit at a higher price! So my views are probably divergent from those who know all about British stuff in commendably nauseous detail. I hope I haven't muddied the mud further!

Final thought, and perhaps an usual one; how big are your hands? Smaller or thinner and longer fingers are more suitable for handling smaller objects obviously - how dextrous are you?

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