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Going Loco,

Do you want to a model railway or a train set? I shall assume that you want a model railway.

If you build an oval in 00 without unreasonably tight curves, say 33" minimum radius, you would only have about 3 feet of straight track on each side which is not enough to be interesting. You would have to duck under a baseboard or provide a lifting section to get in which is anti-social for visitors.

In 00 scale you could just about manage to fit in a reasonable and rather classic GWR fiddle yard to branch line terminus layout.
With a terminus you get 6 feet of straight track leading up to a platform with a run round loop for three or four short carriages at the most. You can get a couple of sidings with a goods shed and a head shunt in in front of the platform and a bay for vans behind. You may even have room for a single road engine shed. There would be about 4 sidings in your fiddle yard. There would even be room in the shed for a visitor.

You could use small tender locos and tank engines.

Such layouts can provide a lot of interest and be very satisfying which is why people build them.

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