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oo scale 30ft trailer

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Could anyone advise me where to buy oo scale 30'
trailers, to carry oo scale containers that we have,
measuring around 4 3/4"?

I've looked through magazines and scoured
t'internet to no avail.

I don't mind if they come in kit-form, complete
with the cab or separately.

Thanks in advance, Graham.
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One suggestion ;

Use an HO model from Herpa or Wiking with a 40' skeleton trailor & shorten the chassis. The OO container will be a bit wider, but if you use a model with a large tractor unit such as the Renault Magum or Merc'Axor the discrepency may not be noticable, especially if the truck(s) is parked with the tractor unit at an angle to the trailor.

Many modern image OO/1:76 modellers use HO/1:87 vehicles & position them accordingly.

Hope this is useful.

Thanks for that. we have a HO Siku
MAN cab that seems to be in proportion to the
OO lorries, so that ought to be ok. I did find
2 x 30' trailers in a local shop yesterday, those
would be too short. We live in British Columbia.
I'll get a couple of 40' and modify them.

I find it curious that there's a scarcity of OO
scale trailers.

Thanks again, Graham.
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QUOTE (Leigh Bedford @ 31 Dec 2006, 21:37) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I find it curious that there's a scarcity of OO
scale trailers.

This is a major problem with OO as a whole. Road vehicles are very hard to find. Well, cars are, Buses and trucks are well covered but cars oh no. It's one of the reasons I switched to HO.


Have you looked at the Knightwing trailers

They are 40' but are easy to build and they also do the tractor units.

H2 40' Container 2 Axle Trailer £5.45
H3 2x40' Container 2 Axle Trailer £5.45
H4 Flatbed 3 Axle Trailer with sides £5.45
H5 Low Loader/ Stepped Side 3 Axle Trailer £5.45
H6 International Containers (2x20') £3.75
H7 International Containers (4x20') £5.99
H8 International Containers (2x40') £5.45
H10 Foden Haulmaster (Ex H310) £5.99
H18 Ford Transcontinental Artic Tractor Unit (Ex K318) £5.45
H19 Volvo F12 Artic Tractor Unit (Ex K321) £5.45
H20 DAF 2800 Turbo Artic Tractor Unit (Ex K320) £5.45
H21 Mercedes Artic Tractor Unit (Ex K321) £5.45

Have a look at
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