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With regard to position light ground signals, there is a subtle difference between the older ones as depicted by the Eckon ES24 and more recent practise.

Originally stop was indicated by a red and a white light arranged horizontally and proceed at caution to the next stop signal was indicated by two white lights displayed at 45 degrees.

Nowadays the signal to stop is often given by two horizontal red lights, this being achieved by the light in the corner changing colour from white to red.

If you model modern image you may want to substitute a bi-colour LED for the white in the corner. This has the ability to change from red to white if you reverse the polarity of the supply or in the case of three wire LEDs, use a different connection. For this you need to devise some nifty wiring.

The 3mm red/white LED can be obtained from a limited number of suppliers.

Another way of displaying limit of shunt is to have a PLGS which displays two horizontal red lights permanently with the top light blanked off.

Also PLGS are often mounted on gantries or on signal posts with the red blanked off. In this case they only display proceed at caution to the next stop signal. the red lense on the main signal display indicates stop, of course.

1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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