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Am I the only one around with a bee in my bonnet on the subject of the range of track available in oo guage at the time of writing?
There's nothing wrong with the quality of the Hornby and Peco systems but don't all these superb new locos look daft sitting on code 100 track with HO sleeper spacing? (especially the HO sleepers). Please don't get the wrong impression, I'm quite happy to put up with the inherant inaccuracies of oo guage and certainly don't want to start another argument over the various 4mm track gauges, but I'm still using 35/45 year old Graham Farish, Gem and Hornby Dublo track simply because they look so much better than anything else available. Yes, I know all about SMP and the other scale tracks, but life's too short to build my own pointwork. Hornby in particular are now offering us world class models (although I'll bet old Frank's turning in his grave to see Hornby - made in China) but expecting us to run them on track no better in appearance than Playcraft offered 35 years ago.
To rub salt in the wound Peco have recently released a whole new range of track for modellers of North American railroads. What about Blighty? The field is wide open for a totally new generation of track based on the old BRMSB sleeper dimensions. Such a development would surely secure the future of oo guage, and
put irrelevancies such as British HO out to pasture. Anyone listening?
Or are we too taken up with yet another reworking of the A3/A4/class 37/9F/ or
whatever. P.S What about a half decent turntable?
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Its interesting that whilst we condemn British OO track for not looking right and being out of scale, those with an overseas perspective who use the track for HO modelling say that it has a "British look"!

Is it a case of not pleasing some of the people some of the time but pleasing most of the people most of the time?

Happy modelling
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