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Don't forget it's Gala weekend at nearby Perrygrove that weekend as well:

New Nemeth built 0-4-0 "Baldwin" style "Soony" is now in full working order and is a bit of a beast. Cagney 44 has arrived from Rhyl and has being tested satisfactorily. A second, but non operational Cagney MAY visit. "Blacolvesley" is a bit delicate, but should hopefully manage some light engine runs.

A second platform at Rookwood will hopefully be ready for use.

The plan at present is to use the Cagney and Soony top and tailed on shuttles from Perrygrove to Rookwood.
Goods trains shared between "Lydia", the Garratt, and probably our three diesels, should be running between Rookwood and Oakiron.
"Ursula" and the vintage train will run full line passenger workings.
"Lydia", the Garratt and Hunslet diesel "Jubilee" will alternate hauling our modern coaches on full line passenger workings.

Hopefully we will be able to confirm these plans very soon.




Senior (Over National Retirement Age)


Children (age 3 and over)


Family (2 adults and 2 children)


We are just south of Coleford, Glos on the B4228. Satnav: enter GL16 8QB and follow brown tourist signs to our entrance.

Hope to see some of you there!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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