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Hello all

I'm pleased to advise that FOCUS MODELLING GROUP INC will hold the first of what will become a bi-annual event at its premises at Unit2, 13 Lionel Street, Naval Base, WA 6155 Australia across the weekend of September 20 and 21st 2008.

A copy of our intended programme is attached here - please feel free to download it and if you are close enough - PLEASE make a point of putting several hours aside and joining us across our 20/21 September open weekend - you will be most welcome!

About us:

Focus was started when I moved to my new business premises - Several good friends and I had often talked about creating something special as a group of modellers, without the compromises needed at most clubs and so when the large commercial unit beside my new premises was available, I bit the bullet, took a risk and leased it for the creation of FOCUS modelling.

We are now fully incorporated and well underway following our dream!

FOCUS Modelling is an invitation only modelling group comprised mainly of skilled modellers who love their hobby but simply don't want to be part of a normal club with its inevitable structure and restrictions.... Basically we are a group who value "doing it well" and love to share the hobby with anyone who has the same approach - a desire to model without unnecessary compromise - irrespective of their skill levels. We aren't elitist or narrow in our approach though - we welcome all those with a good approach to other people, a can do attitude and a desire to model well, irrespective of skill levels....

We are really keen to pass on our knowledge and share the skills we have learned over the several lifetimes of modelling weshare between us, so hold regular "free workshops" on various subjects each month - THIS event however is something special....

Each day of our Open Weekend, we will hold 16 individual one hour workshops - eight different subjects will be repeated twice each day.

We will also be taking bookings for follow on courses at the event - These will be "paid for courses" limited to no more than 4 to 6 people depending on subject, and each consisting of about 9 hours tuition on specialised subjects, spread over several week nights per subject. 100% of this income goes to build our layouts!

The layout which won "best layout at the Show" at the Perth AMRA show this year also lives at our premises and will be operating across the weekend we'll have a continuous food service + a sales table for those who love a bargain. (I'm very proud to say that focus members actually won almost every one of the show trophies)

The purpose of our "open Weekend" is to teach - and to raise funds for the FOUR large layouts that are planned within the premises.

Read on below, and you will see why we REALLY DO need your support... lots of large layouts to get underway, all at the same time - and that needs more than a little encouragement in our bank accounts

The layouts are big, will all feature handlaid pointwork and there will be little compromise in modelling quality throughout, with all work to a preset set of standards for gradients, minumum radius and other things essentail to good running...

The layouts will be (one is already built)
(US Prototype)
Keddie - a nearly 60 foot long HO scale layout featuring the famous Keddie Wye bridge and surrounding area on the Western pacific railway. This layout is already up, running and matured and now resides within FOCUS modelling managed by the members who built it.

It will be further developed over the next year to extend its operation even further and revitalise its alreay excellent scenery and super impressive Wye shaped duplicating all controls outside the layout for more "visitor friendly" operations.

(UK Prototype)
A large (nearly 60 foot long) layout showing the area close to Bootle and Canada dock where L&Y, Midland and LNWR lines came together close to the Mersey. This layout will be built in BOTH 16.5mm/OO and EM gauges, with the wharf and warehouse lines in EM, and the multiple main line through tyhe scen in OO. Timing will be late 50's - This area/trackage/period allows a wide range of stock, even including the odd Eastern region loco and stock....

(AU Prototype)
New South Wales mainline and mineral operations in HO scale, again nearly 60 feet long and built back to back with the UK layout so they share a common backscene structure and "nested" end loops. This will feature a branch with heavy mineral trains with the garratts and early diesel, plus the huge number of passenger and freight trains that passed between Queensland and New South Wales destinations... more than 100 passenger train movements per day for the period modelled, PLUS an intensive freight operation. This will be a loco lovers layout as there will be so much potential!

(EU Prototype)
Not fixed, but it may even be Danish as one of our fine modellers hails from there!. Probably period 3, definately mixed steam and diesel with main lines under wire and a narrow gauge feeder line incorporated too... This layout will be somehwhat smaller at appx 8 metres x 5 metres but has been kept smaller so it can become our exhibition layout.

Our EU modelling members are a somewhat mixed bag - Danish, Polish, Hungarian and Dutch, so this plan may skew one way or another any time.... I must admit, having just taken a looong look at Budapest West station after I was asked to build it for a friend as a commission... I'd happily model many places in Europe! What a lovely building!

Kind regards

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i'm really looking forward to seeing the pictures, but it sounds like you need a good rest first!!


Sounds like you had a good day. Look forward to seeing the pictures.
QUOTE (neil_s_wood @ 22 Sep 2008, 06:01) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Sounds like you had a good day. Look forward to seeing the pictures.

**Well, as promised I've uploaded the pictures to a "gallery" called focus modelling weekend.These were all taken during a quiet moment or two when I was able to break free for a minute or two - There will be more to come when other members email their photographs to me.

There here is one image attached below, all the others can be seen here (I hope I got the right link!!)


Seems like a good time was had by all, it would be nice if someone over here could organise the same type of event.

QUOTE (Lancashire Fusilier @ 23 Sep 2008, 07:23) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>What's stopping you?

Time - and lack of a suitable venue, Oh - and the day job

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Thanks for posting the pictures Richard. it looks like a good day was had by all. i would have much prefered being there rather than stuck in this office with no windows!

so what are the plans for next year? same again?

QUOTE (pedromorgan @ 24 Sep 2008, 13:16) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Thanks for posting the pictures Richard. it looks like a good day was had by all. i would have much prefered being there rather than stuck in this office with no windows!

so what are the plans for next year? same again?


*** Twice a year is the current plan, with a variety of limited attendance hands on "schools" in between (each school over 3 weeks, in the evenings, 2.5~3 hours per night). We do quite a few ad hoc 2 hour sessions (airbrushing, soldering etc) on weekends for focus members and any modelling friends too.

It really was a good w/end with lots of good quality workshops held throughout the day. I have booked myself into 2 and I am considering a 3rd.

It was great to see the spirit down there, everyone put in and gave their best. In the focus group their is a father and son who attend all the time. I hope someday that I will have that bond with my kids and they will consider it cool to hand with their old man.

I think the second one Richard runs will be very big as word of mouth will insure this.

All in all one of the best w/ends I have had in a long time.

Thank Richard and Focus for a great w/end

Which workshops are you going to do Martin? I already contacted Richard about the trackwork one but which others will be offered soon do you think? I need to pack some in before I chuff off over to Melbourne!

Same as you point construction and spray painting.... got to get some use out of that spray booth I got from Richard. Nice bit of kit.

If I had a choice it would have to be point construction no doubt about that. I will talk to Richard tomorrow about it in the afternoon. I think the sooner the better...hint hint.

I may have some problems soon as I am going to Boddington Gold, finished at the refinery next week.

Point construction I am looking forward too. You will be able to get a start in EM then Martin.....
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