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QUOTE (Brian Considine @ 12 Jul 2008, 10:34) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>During the week after "one of those days" starting with water in the diesel causing me to take the van into the garage to be checked & then going back to my office & updating the anti-virus causing the network to fail..........................

I really needed something to help me unwind - normally I will go up to the workshop & play trains, just set them running & relax, maybe repair/modify something but it's the trains running that relaxes me. However, SL was still in the trailer so no "playtime" - it really made me realize just how therapeutic our hobby is.
Buongiorno Brian,

I couldn't agree more! There is definite theraputism to be had running trains, alas at the moment I can't do that as I'm still dithering about starting my Super Mega Hyper Ultra market layout, but in the mean time I've found decoder installation to be tremendously relaxing! Every chassis is a new challenge; where to squeeze the decoder in, how to connect the lights up, is there room for adding some tail lights, then getting it to perform as well as possible on the test track by adjusting the CVs etc. etc. Far from finding it an expensive chore to upgrade everything to DCC as I expected initially I'm about halfway there already with 30+ locomotives to do (I think I might sell one or two to save on buying so many decoders!). Yes it's expensive but not a chore yet...ask me again after I'd done an identical installation in six Hobbytrain Taurus locomotives though...!

I can't wait for the pleasure I know I'll get from watching them all in action on the wunderkindlayout in the near far future!
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