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Hi All,

Croydon Tramlink was split in two between Thursday 6 and Sunday 9 September for track renewal at Reeves Corner. Services were:
Wimbledon - Reeves Corner
East Croydon - Elmers End, Beckenham Junction, New Addington.

George Street, East Croydon became stabling sidings with car 2537 about to return to East Croydon and 2547 held as a service spare.

2538's driver manually changing points before returning to East Croydon.

2547 and 2541 in George Street looking towards East Croydon station.

These were interesting operations and may give modellers food for thought about an alternative Tramlink terminus to model?

Previous ramblings around the system included:

Car 2548 by the stops at New Addington - 20/08/07.

Car 2535 at New Addington - 17/05/07.

Car 2542 at Arena - 17/05/07.

Car 2533 at Elmers End - 20/08/07.

As for my layout 'Routes End', rebuilding is progressing well and there will be new pics on this site by 17/09.


1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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