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over head power cables

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hi people dose any one know where i can get a good over head system i heard peco were to do one but when i spoke to them i got told it was being put on hold
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Although you haven't specified scale you might find it worth looking at either Wiessmann or Sommerfeldt.

Hopefully of some help

Viessmann product an "H" section mast that is not too bad to use for the UK.
The French company JV make overhead that is very UK like in looks and the range is huge, you can get them from Marno models in London, 0208 884 2305 it used to be sold many many years ago by Hadley Hobbies and was very popular with OO modellers.

If you want to see some JV on a UK layout look at :-
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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