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QUOTE (alastairq @ 17 Aug 2007, 21:16) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>about overhead least, not the one I was thinking about.

The comments by the Bachmann representatives concerning the success of their forthcoming 4CEP set, made me wonder why SR electric sets as a whole were'nt modelled in any numbers?

when DMU's abounded?

and I concluded the reason may well lie with the trackage?

we have had access to the means to CONSTRUCT 3rd rail electrified trackage for years, courtesy of Peco....

but I suspect the reasons why so many modellers/enthusiasts BUY stock items like Bachmanns are to do with NOT having to glue , cut, paint, etc to any great degree.
Time being an issue?

therefore I posed the question, why will a maker not produce a simple line of 3rd rail trackage as a package?

whilst 3rd rail flex track may be a unique product for the UK, so is the 4CEP.......and the two would go nicely together?

the ability to buy easy to lay trackage with that 3rd rail would go a long way towards making the realistic usage of SR electric sets a possibility.

then those pickup shoes wont be obviously hanging in mid air?

[simple, basic pointwork with 3rd rail add ons would also complete the ensemble?]

who knows?

with such an idea, maybe the 3rd rail could also be used for pickup?

with all that realistic flashing?

Hi - Its probably easier to use the Peco add-on rail as the 3rd rail switches over from one side to the other past pointwork, platforms etc so there would still be an awful lot of fiddling to be done. It does look really effective when the end of each section is angled down correctly and often painted white. If you want to go the whole hog some areas need boxing in on either side of the 3rd rail. Pointwork is interesting as again the 3rd rails position varies according to the layout of the rest of the track. Doubtless someone modelling various Underground types would want the third rail in the middle or even both alternatives ie a 4th rail as I seem to remember seeing in some places. I am waiting for a 4CEP myself, I won't bother with 3rd rail but a friend has an exhibition layout with it so i might scrounge a run!
I used to have a triang oval layout when a lot younger and I saved up all my birthday/christmas money until i could afford
the tiny green 040 pantograph loco and enough cantenary to go round. When it had aged a little I used to turn the room light off and watch the sparks from the overhead 'wire'! - They were orange instead of the proper blue, but pretty good none the less.

Regards to you all
1 - 1 of 103 Posts
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