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Overhead and Third Rail

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Is it true that the lack of an easy to acquire and use overhead or third rail electrical supply in model form, makes it unlikely that electric locos and MU's will ever sell strongly in the UK?

I am sceptical, for the simple reason that having seen a fair number of privately owned, typically family European mainland layouts, although electric traction is a commonplace, the overhead lines are rarely modelled. It's just too vulnerable on a layout used by children; and even where it is an 'adult' layout with good attention to scenics, the most you might see are the masts on the far side from the operator position. Exhibition layouts are a different matter: but we should never forget these are a very small percentage of all layouts built.
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Dear All,

At all the model railway exhibitions I have seen in Vienna, the modern image layouts have overhead and don't seem to have too many problems, but I have not seen them setting up, so this may be an illusion. No doubt they have to take care in transporting these models, but they must have a solution that works.

It's just not an option to leave out the overhead when modelling the modern scene on the Continent, so why is is an issue for UK modellers? I think that as someone has already pointed out, this is the way forward and these polluting diesels will be replaced by nice clean electrics. We may even find branch line trains operated by battery locos that charge up in each terminus for the next run, as diesel becomes outlawed in the next few decades.
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