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Overhead and Third Rail

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Is it true that the lack of an easy to acquire and use overhead or third rail electrical supply in model form, makes it unlikely that electric locos and MU's will ever sell strongly in the UK?

I am sceptical, for the simple reason that having seen a fair number of privately owned, typically family European mainland layouts, although electric traction is a commonplace, the overhead lines are rarely modelled. It's just too vulnerable on a layout used by children; and even where it is an 'adult' layout with good attention to scenics, the most you might see are the masts on the far side from the operator position. Exhibition layouts are a different matter: but we should never forget these are a very small percentage of all layouts built.
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I always wanted to model the area where I was born, sadly this has been impossible unless I spent inordinate amounts of mony on buying kits of all the stock I would need. My early interest in railways (the early 70's) was spent watching the Kent Coast main line. I would need a fleet of emus (not the birds dbclass50) including 4 CEP, 4 BEP, 4 VEP, 2 HAP, MLV and a stores unit (ex 4 SUB vehicles), on top of this I would also need class o8/09, 33, and 47 (holiday traffic) as well as class 71 and 73 electrics.

To date I could get an 08/09, 73 and 47 from a variety of sources. The only emus available were the Hornby dublo (I wouldn't dare repaint them in all over blue) and the Triang one which would double as the stores unit.

If Heljan are prepared to produce Falcon, of which only one ever existed, and Bachmann appear to be prepared to test the water with the 4CEP is it really that unreasonable to expect someone to at least produce the class 71 (huge hint to the guys at Westwood).

On release I will be buying at least one blue grey 4CEP and if they then produce a 4 BEP I will at last have the 12 coach train of my dreams.

As to the track and conductor rails I only have to pop down the road and take a few photographs.

Think about it?

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QUOTE (alastairq @ 24 Aug 2007, 18:26) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Moi?

Tongue in cheek?

as if!

And I always thought you were deadly serious........................................

QUOTE (goedel @ 28 Aug 2007, 22:53) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I find that catenary looks 'thinner' if painted black

On St Laurent we have used Tamiya wehrmacht field grey - this gives a very good appearance.

Are you sure that's a model and not the real thing?

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You're far to modest.

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