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QUOTE (Gordon H @ 5 Nov 2012, 13:10) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>These are issues that require consideration when the layout is being conceived. Certainly, storage and therefore transport volume is likely to be higher, but the impact on set-up time need not be excessive. Fiddle yard OHLE can be (almost) as crude as you like, and several methods exist to span FY baseboard joints quickly and easily.
overhead in the non scenic bit wont add to the time to set the layout up (calcutta is less than an hour) but it will add significantly to the time it takes to get the stock on or off, especially with little flanges and scale couplings.



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QUOTE especially with little flanges and scale couplings.

So /that/ explains the pizza cutters - at least for electrics - on continental models I had always wondered

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As some will know 7113 (AKA Dave Saffery) & I run St.Laurent - an SNCB exhibition layout with prototypical hand made/soldered OHLE. The pans are run in the up position with graded sections to "collect" & "release" the pans. Thre is no OHLE in the storage yards - as the OHLE is not energised there is simply no point.

We do get the odd derailment which is harder to sort out with the OHLE, but the fact that we use Fleischmann Profi couplings as starnard makes it a little easier.

The OHLE is exceptionally strong & should a pan "jump off" it's the pan that needs replacing.
101 - 103 of 103 Posts
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