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We were at a train show today, and my girlfriend decided to squander some of her (very decent - €€€€€€€€€€€€€€€) bonus on a present for me.

Neat idea, btw.

I received a Trix E10.3, with the "crease" front, in blue Ep.3 livery. This, too, is an engine with a very special meaning to me (albeit in Ep.4, but never mind), and I really, really, appreciate the present.

However, what I don´t appreciate is the pi$$-yellow LED headlights. I read in a German forums some time ago that there is a guy who makes new circuit boards fitted with warm white LEDs at EUR 6 apiece.

I am going to order these for myself. If anybody else is interested in these, please pm me. I´d order them for you and ship them to the UK at cost.

You can check Mr Heiserholts website here. His circuit boards are also available for other Märklin and Trix engines.
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