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Oxford Rail J27 0-6-0

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Since my example was received and decoder fitted (Zimo MX638) performance has been exemplary. I have it set up for a maximum speed of 50mph, but it spends most of its time in the usual 15-25mph range for a small wheel 0-6-0, and is smooth and effective on a full trainload for its power rating. Looks like the subject, performs beautifully, in short.

Clearly it was time to have it apart and have a look at the construction to see how this is achieved at a way lower asking price than Hornbach demand for their equivalents. Apart from the rigid coupling rods, (no hinge as Bachmann and Hornby provide on their 0-6-0s) nothing in the way of compromises. Drive train and driven axle lubrication was minimal and neatly applied, perhaps they are saving money on the grease? OR have a superior 'inside bearing' arrangement for the tender wheelsets compared to Hornby's typical 'no roll' botch up (now that Hornby own OR they should only copy this very free running arrangement if they plan to stay with inside bearings on tenders).

On the body work all the detail had remained attached, though I did manage to snag the top lamp iron on the smokebox and loosen it in the process of body removal, being a clumsy sort of fellow. Quickly fixed, and now awaiting the general application of the filth that an old goods engine typically toted around in BR operation. Then with a little coal arranged in the tender, and the thoughtfully provided etched fire irons in the neatly represented tool rack it will look very well.

The only question I have is that once the J26 is released, with Hornby owning OR, will we see any more OR loco introductions? (It is generally recognised that Hornby got their new Terrier out in record time, because it was actually at an advanced stage of development by OR, at the time that Hornby began acquisition of OR.) I hold the OR N7 in similar regard, a key item for my layout operation , and would be rather sorry to see this brand 'evaporate'.
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Well I unboxed the J27 and it fell to the floor, fearing the worst I picked it up and no damage. So next off with the tender top and fitted the DCC concepts 21 pin decoder, ah - as usual I managed to bend the single pin on the end so had to straighten that out before the decoder was fitted, however I do prog these on the ESU tester first, Ok so all good into the loco it went. I even read the instructions about switching on the electric, do not run on carpet and other basics but nothing there about running in etc.

OK so now coded and fitted it was time to put it on the upper inner loop, nah, nothing, did not want to move, tried it back on the prog track and nothing again but it then fell on the floor, no damage surprisingly but the little plug fell out and that took a lot of swear words and trying of 6 different tweezers to get it back in.

OK I tried giving it encouragement by towing with an O4 - nothing
I found that on the prog track with finger on the dome it jerkily moved a bit. - not much
so I worked on this and eventually got it to run, by this time I was ready to throw the thing on the floor myself but with self restraint on hand avoided such drastic action!
It runs oddly and now the loco will not answer the decoder simply only going forward, however this is progress.

Who knows if I can get back to it might get it going yet.

One thing on the otherwise nice finish are the white benches in the cab, as father once said to be - "I have been on the footplate of hundreds of locos and never seen a cream or white interior," so that'll be painted black before we do anything else, mind I do wonder if the planks in place are a fair representation of the cab interior as I have never seen the likes of this before. The crew is ready on standby however.

So the saga continues, hope to get it working as it should - someday.
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...So the saga continues, hope to get it working as it should - someday.
Poor electrical connection somewhere, leave it for a day when patience is in full supply is my approach. I have a Hornby J50 which started occasionally misbehaving around Christmas, 'fixed' with a quick tap when it stops, which I still haven't gone inside to investigate; betting that's due to the one of the sprung contacters to the pick up strips 'gone soft'. Always something to do...

At least matt black paint is cheap and always to hand when it comes to overly prettified cab interiors.
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