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Oxford's Adams Radial, there's an old thread with some comments which reflect the general findings at the time after introduction.

I don't recall any volume of general reports of motor problems with this model: that problem badly afflicted the Dean goods, which was their second RTR loco. The major running problem the Adams Radial had was a traction problem, a common problem with small tank locos with unpowered wheels either side of the driven wheels, and the cures are described in the earlier thread linked above.

I have since that thread purchased one for myself to power a different loco body, and also three Oxford N7s and a J27, motors good in all of them, and the traction of last four absolutely fine. The Adams Radial does need a little care in set up, as I think I posted in the earlier thread, experience gained on a friend's purchase; this done it's up to the jobs it is reasonable to expect it to do.
Oh…I missed out completely the stuff about the Dean Goods, I bought it because it looked nice and it runs beautifully, some details are a bit delicate but got a nice big speaker in the tender (that’s when the damage occurred, damned brake and water chute handles), I’ll do a quick search but what were the issues?
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