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*** packet hst and mk3

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hi guys
if hornby release the *** packet
livery first great western trains
how many of you would pay over
£100 for just the power and dummy
for this livery if they brought out the
matching mk3s for this livery , how
much would you pay per coach.
i hope hornby make sure the put
letters on the rest of the mk3s because
it looks confusing without them on there
Has anyone still got any of the old lima
*** packet power and dummy cars or
mk3s if anyone has got G or H first class
that would be interesting if your interested
please reply to this thread
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The ***-packet TGS released this year was priced the same as the others. I imagine if we are lucky enough to get this livery on a full set of coaches and power cars the prices would be the same as for the other liveries. Personally I'm happy to pay more for a higher quality model like the new Class 43.

Fair point on the coach letters, and I'm sure the roof colour was darker. Fingers crossed.

Worth keeping an eye out for limited editions for some of the rarer liveries.

Also worth noting that there are so many headlight and roof combinations possible with the new tooling they'll need to work through a number of liveries to make sure they all get used!

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hopefully it will be a happy 2009 for us *** packet fans
and i cant wait for the power and dummy cars to come
out in the 2 car hst power pack and also i think
hornby should make a effort to make the hst lights
on the front and the rear , look more like the lima ones
because the lima ones look more effective and more
realistic when going round the layout. hopefully they bring
all the mk3s out on time and not 6 months later and this time
i want it to look just like the barbie livery was made with all the
lettering present and correct with no 1s on first class coaches by
exit of carriage. hopefully they should bring all of the coaches out
A - H that would be the best year in a very long time

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I have a Lima '*** packet' HST which is rather short formed as just PC-TGS-TSO-Buffet-TFO-PC, although I can't remember off-hand what coach letters they carry. I also managed to get my hands on 3 or 4 Lima sleepers when they first appeared. I think if Hornby do bring out the *** packet livery it will be on the new power cars, not the old Lima ones, just like if they bring out my favourite livery, Midland Mainline T&T.

If the coaches are done they will probably have a couple of coach letters for standard and one for the buffet and one for first class, just like they always have done, which would be a shame, Lima seemed to go out of their way to produce every coach letter.
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