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Padstow Water Tower

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Hi All,

Does anyone know of a good source of information on the water tower at Padstow?

I have a South Western Circle drawing (of 1977), which says the walls and pillars are constructed from 9"x18"x4" blocks. And yet a photo (from 1960) on p.11 in the 2008 revision of the 'Illustrated History of the North Cornwall Railway' clearly shows brick (in what looks to be English bond).

Also, I can't for the life of me work out how the sort of 'crenellated' structure at the base of the tank is formed. It shows up in most photos but the SWC's drawing doesn't show it at all!!

Any help much appreciated

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Hi, I've been reaserching the local rail history for a few years now and cant seem to find an awful lot of details, the best pictures are to be found on Ron Stutts fotopic, I've also been using the government files on local planning but they go in order of date so you would have to find out when it was built. Our museum may have that info and if you wish I could walk around the corner and see them,if they are not sure I have been talking to some of the older locals and they may point me in the right direction for this information
QUOTE (frame69 @ 27 Jan 2009, 19:18) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>you would have to find out when it was built.

Thanks for the input. To the best of my knowledge the tower dates from the same time as the 65-foot turntable - i.e. April 1947.

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