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Paint and weathering MDC hustler

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Nothing interesting to do this weekend, so I decided to do a small project, a small mining locomotive from MDC
It is no a wonder, but it has helped me to put into practice a technique of painting and weathering which took him days circling, at last, this is the result.

The painting process is a little slow , but more or less as follows .....
All layers applied with airbrush.
- Clean the surface to be painted .
- Priming all model. Vallejo Primer light grey
- A layer of white -
- 2 layers of metallic color - Vallejo Oily Steel 70.865
- A layer of brown - Vallejo Chocolat Brown FS 30099
- 2 layers of metallic color - Vallejo Oily Steel 70.865
let dry completely between coats.
- With a brush dipped in water, apply a few drops in those parts who would like stripped
- On the water droplets put some grains of salt. Let the salt dry.
- 2 layers of white color - Vallejo Premium Acrylic Polyurethane color 62.001
With a brush, remove all the salt from the model, and so, we can see how has been the color contrast. White whith steel blurs.
With a very soft sandpaper, over 300, refine all the model.
Apply more pressure to the areas that we want to see the live metal.
We will see that the transition zones between white and steel, a brown color appears as a shadow, the effect is correct.
Then we can apply some gray and black glaze alternately.

After front and rear bars, some dirt in the lower frame, and one fire extinguisher in the rear, with a direct pipe to the engine.
Also, the motor and wheels are in place, I think that's all.

I hope you find it useful

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I like it.

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Very effective "chipping" technique. Nice!
Thanks so much for yours kind comments !


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