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Painting - Blacken-it

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I have been recommended a product called Blacken-it, and am trying to track down a supplier/seller in the UK and/or EU.

From what I can gather it could be something from the USA, as it was recommended from a forum, and everyone was talking about 'railroads' rather than railways.

Does 'Blacken It' ring any bells with anyone, as I have been unable to find it on any UK websites so far. Or can anyone suggest any alternatives?
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Here is info for a UK supplier. See reply #3:


This link has info on it and some before and after pics.

Blacken-it Pics/Info
In the UK a similar product is Carr's Metal Black which is available from some model shops and at Model Railway Exhibitions. Try Eileen's Emporium for example. You need to know which metal that you want to blacken.

Thanks very much. Your advice is appreciated.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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