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Pannier Chassis

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I have been building the High Level 57XX pannier chassis in 4mm scale 18.83 gauge, The kit comes with its only gearbox, and it really a work of art, including dummy inside valve gear, slide bars etc.

I have altered the kit from being compensated to sprung using guitar string on each of the horn blocks as can be seen in the photos.

I have still have more detail to add and tidy up the brake links etc.

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The chassis is designed for the Bachman pannier, although mine will go under a much detailed brass Samhongsa 97XX condensing pannier, although I plan do build another example for a 94XX which will use bits of the South East Finecast kits plus scratch built footplate, splashers cab and other details.
I have used Ultrascale wheels they have a six month lead time from order to delivery and are not cheep but are top notch and the rolls Royce of 4mm wheels. A less expensive and much quicker alternative would be Alan Gibson wheels. I have never used Romford or Markits wheels, as they are not suitable for P4.

These High level chassis kits can be assembled to OO or EM gauges too, and although quite complex to fit together really well and are a pleasure to build as the instructions are comprehensive with detailed diagrams If you follow them to the letter you cant really go wrong.

1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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