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Paris Model Show 2005

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Amongst Planes, cars and boats, there were plenty of trains. I didn't photograph everything, but a couple of things caught my attention:

MKD, the French importer and distributor of Hornby and Scalextric. Hornby are now also offering the revived French and Italian brands: Riverossi, Lima and Jouef. Much to the happiness of the French collectors who saw their favorite brands dissapear a few years ago. This is proof that Hornby is revitalising the brands and not just killing-off the competition.

They are starting with a few Jouef trains: BB 566453 - Diesel SNCF.

BB 567493 - Diesel SNCF.

141 P 282 Steam tender loco 34P SNCF. Mixed traffic.

CC 6530 - Electric SNCF. Museum version.

CC 72054 - Diesel SNCF.

DEV Inox coach - SNCF.

There were a couple of rail items Marked Lima. I'm not sure if they are new or not.

ZTC was there on the stand of their French distributor. The loco on the rolling road looked and sounded very good.

An interesting layout.

Another with a military theme. Very popular.

Gaugemaster was evident on the FB Systems stand. A sign that products travel in all directions. There were a few british stands doing very well and very happy to be there. They said that business was good.

Fleischmann's layout with it's automated running around a winter landscape.

There were automated layouts from all the big names, but you know, as much as they are fantastic, I feel they lack life as they are so precisely programmed that every train arrives and leaves at the same pre-programmed time. No human input and no excitement.
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