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Paris Modeling Fair - Anyone Going?

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I'll be going to Paris on Easter Monday to see the Bourget Modeling Fair, they're supposed to have some pretty good stuff for model railway enthusiasts like us.

Anyone planning go??
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QUOTE Anyone planning go??

Not me, but I remember coming across a fairly extensive report about it on the web a couple of years ago. It looked really good so I would be interested in hearing what you think of it when you return.

Have a safe trip and enjoy

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Unfortunately not but if you do we'd appreciate it if you took some pictures.
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I'll be going from Tuesday the 25th. Too many things to do this week-end. Hot-cross buns to bake and Easter eggs to find...

And the Fly fishing season starts on Saturday!

I'll take some photos and perhaps some video.
Will do, I'll try and remember to take the digital camera
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