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Parkside Puzzle PC35 LNER conflat S

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I have just started on Parkside LNER container flat and find that it comes without either a photo or an exploded diagram. Hence my question. There are lots of fragile skinny edge pieces cut off gigantic sprues and I have little idea how they might go. they were impossible to get off in one piece with sprue cutters but a gentle touch with a razor saw was better. Please could anyone be kind enough to point me to a photo or explain how they might go?
Imho parkside should include a photo or diagram even if it does cost a few more pence to do so. I think most people want to enjoy the experience of building it as well as running th end result.
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*** HI Andrew

This website may be of help - lots of info anyway....

I thought all parkside kits did come with a diagram perhaps you should contact them to ask if this was left out of the kit ?
Yes you are right banger there was a diagram. it was just so badly drawn it looked like the guy had the dt's and I could not recognise it as anything useful. So thanks for the great photo Richard it enabled me to make sense of the drawing even though it was not identical. I must say it was not one of my or Parksides finer efforts, i had to replace some parts with microstrip as they could not be got of the sprues undamaged, not by sprue cutters , razor saw or blade.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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