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Pasting tables.

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Hi everyone,im moving on a little with my project and need some advice. I have the base ready to be built for the 00 layout, now im going to do the basic layout you get with the flying scotsman set the track mat set up,and was wondering about pasting tables as a way of fixing the base too, so that when i do extend,as it seems i can now iv looked closely at my attic space, I can get another pasting table to do this so the height is the same. My question is will the pasting table be ok for the job, taking into acount ill reinforce the legs and brace it too? Thanks.
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I wouldve thought pasting tables were far too flimsy!
I have a friend who uses foam insulation for baseboards. He builds a ply "box" around the sides and a couple of supports underneath. Ive seen it "in action" and its very stable and ofcourse there is no need to lay track onto cork etc as the foam is naturally sound deadening.
1 - 2 of 22 Posts
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