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Pasting tables.

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Hi everyone,im moving on a little with my project and need some advice. I have the base ready to be built for the 00 layout, now im going to do the basic layout you get with the flying scotsman set the track mat set up,and was wondering about pasting tables as a way of fixing the base too, so that when i do extend,as it seems i can now iv looked closely at my attic space, I can get another pasting table to do this so the height is the same. My question is will the pasting table be ok for the job, taking into acount ill reinforce the legs and brace it too? Thanks.
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Hello, it seems like an awfull amount of money,time and effort you are trusting to these items that are usually resigned to displaying buffet food at your grandads retirement bash. I personally would avoid the upset before it happens and knock yourself up some baseboards with legs, straight ones and not the type that your name suggests!!
Good luck and enjoy yourself.
What I meant was that the time and effort you use to alter these tables you could make some new ones, doing this would ,as it has with me,improve your woodwork skills for future projects
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P.S, I was'nt trying to put you off, just giving you my solution.
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Because of the proximity between my house and the nearest timber yard I quite often re-cycle old furniture and house building project leftovers,(I've got some very wealthy neighbours who are allways having home improvements,cant really call them neighbours as most of them live in places like surrey etc...) so there is usually some quality materials being thrown out. I try to re-cycle most things for my projects. : example, properly dried out bark makes good rock face pieces.
QUOTE (alastairq @ 4 Feb 2009, 07:26) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>the post from frame69 reminds me of back in the 1960's as a young muddler, on advice from RM, I obtained a large pack of cork bark, for rock faces....considered state-of-the-art in those days!

used it on my first real model railway...a shelfer, narrow gauge OOn3, Triang TT track, jinty / airfix pug cross, and wagon underframes.........I RECENTLY DISCOVERED A CONVERTED COACH BODY I USED!.....................................mentioned layout before in these pages....the coach was an HO german old 4 wheeler....possibly Piko or similar, which were very cheap in those days....stripped of its running gear and fitted with a triang underframe.

most of the layout was recycled into something else...the cork was used on several subsequent TT layouts, and I still have a piece...

Incidentally, has anyone noticed those cheapo toy train packs for sale in seaside shops, etc?

some have german-type 4 wheel coaches in?

these make quite presentable freelance narrow gauge coaches in one's chosen scale gauge combo.....usually for sale around a coupla quids....
Bought these on holiday in Devon late last year...

....needed something to play with in the caravan
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QUOTE (alastairq @ 4 Feb 2009, 17:46) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>charming F-unit...what scale do you think they are?
They look to be just a bit bigger than n and oo, small one was £1.99, big one £2.99 both with batteries
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