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QUOTE (10001 @ 4 Aug 2008, 09:44) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Hi .
Maybe I'm mean or poor. - but I would use cardboard - cheap and easy to use. I have never modelled in N gauge
but in OO I have used card on level crossings and porters crossings at station throats and have never had any problems . Its worth a try . Best of luck
A.J. Overton CME Goon Valley Railway !!!!

Hi - I think it depends on the location of the layout with cardboard, as if there is any dampness, ie cellar/garage /loft in the UK, it tends to absorb moisture from the air, try to expand and instead buckle upwards!
I know that the model railway housed in the tiny goods shed on the Lavender Line (near Lewes/Uckfield, East Sussex) had a severe problem with this when first constructed. I know that shellac etc used to be recommended to seal buildings etc but in my experience it was never very effective on track where even the slightest expansion would lift the loco wheels off the rail.

Have you tried black plastic card?

David Y
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