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Paving Round Track

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I'm currently building the large quarry terminal on my layout ('Jadis Aggregates' continuing the C. S. Lewis theme!) and decided to pave round the track in the terminal.

So I sprayed some 30 thou plasticard concrete grey having cut it to the correct size (7mm wide seems to work for between the rails). When this was dry I attempted to stick it down directly to the sleepers using poly cement. This doesn't seem to be the best solution - is there a better glue to use or a different method?

In the end it seems that 30 thou is too thick, so next time I'll try 20 thou. Trial and error seems to be an essential part of this hobby!

Thanks for any replies.
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One of the things my mate uses with his kato track to give the effect of concrete/paving area is using some spare paving and cobblestone paper that comes with the metcalfe card kits and it does look effective as well and it already has the print on it if you go for the cobblestones design.

The other option you can have which is the way I did with the old layout is to used plaster of paris spread over the lines. The only thing you need to make sure is that the plaster doesn't interfere with the rails itself otherwise it can be a real pain to clean out from the inside of the rails so it doesn't de-rail your locos.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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