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Peco Frizinghall turntable

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I have installed the Peco OO turntable with the Frizinghall motor kit. There have been other threads about this combination but not mentioning this particular problem as far as I am aware.
The motor is driven from the same Gaugemaster controller as the track, via a DPDT centre-off switch
It works (subject to installing the polarity switch) but the rotation is not smooth; the turntable judders. The worm is not jammed against the large gear:

so I can't see why this is happening.
The one design fault I find is that having cemented the securing collar underneath, one can not get to the central spindle for maintenance or adjustment.
Can anyone advise? Thanks. Colin
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Hi Colin.

This is a problem which can occur if BOTH ends of BOTH drive shaftes are not properly supported and aligned.

The best way to do this is to make two 'U' shaped brackets which will fix up to the underside of the baseboard and solder or braze a brass collar into each of them that the shafts can turn in. The brackets need to be made from quite rigid steel which will not, itself, flex under the torque from the motor and the collars need to be quite a close fit on the shafts.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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