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Peco Frizinghall turntable

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I have installed the Peco OO turntable with the Frizinghall motor kit. There have been other threads about this combination but not mentioning this particular problem as far as I am aware.
The motor is driven from the same Gaugemaster controller as the track, via a DPDT centre-off switch
It works (subject to installing the polarity switch) but the rotation is not smooth; the turntable judders. The worm is not jammed against the large gear:

so I can't see why this is happening.
The one design fault I find is that having cemented the securing collar underneath, one can not get to the central spindle for maintenance or adjustment.
Can anyone advise? Thanks. Colin
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Many thanks for the useful and sound suggestions lads. Col
A medical problem held up completion. Eventually I did shorten both the drive/worm spindle and the main vertical TT spindle. Then I reprinted the brick-work on thinner paper and replaced it! I also applied a (hopefully) plastics-friendly grease TF2 by Weldtite to the worm and cog to take up some more of the movement. It all helped quite a lot but there is a little residual jerkiness.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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